Carpenter Bees

It’s funny how something as simple as a bee can finally bring my crafting “skills” together with my husband’s. The wooden houses here in the mountains are like lunch to the carpenter bees that fly around here. Casper knew there had to be a way to trap those bad boys. He finally came up with a plan..I decided that we should just use recycled materials.  And, I thought it should be cute. As you’all know, I love cute.

I needed to be sure they worked so I hung one at the shop in Brasstown. It didn’t work for about a week and then one morning I found 6 in the bottle. Yea !! It worked !!!

So if you are in need of a “Buzz Killer” you can find them at my shop, Carolina Crafting, in Brasstown, NC (open Thursday, Friday and Saturday) or at the Trading Post at Foster’s Flea Market (19/129 and 64)  They are open 7 days a week. Just look for Back Creek Pottery.  I will ship, too. :)

Just Jackie



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