Fall 2014

So much has been going on since my last post. (I know it’s been a while)

September 12 was my 6th anniversary or Carolina Crafting. I had been doing podcast for several months before I found my first little shop in Brasstown.

im001412After a year and a half I moved out to the front of the complex to a two room shop.

IMG_1095Then a year ago I found this nice space at Foster’s Trading Post in Murphy.

008I think I will not need to move anytime soon. I love this space. There are over 20 crafters’ work.  99% of the items are made locally.

John C. Campbell’s Fall Festival is just around the corner, October 4 and 5. This is my all time favorite show EVER. There are over 200 artists, great food and lots of entertainment. Check out their site for more details. www.folkschool.org

003I’ll be there with lots of Fall decorations, toys for you cats and much, much more. Come visit !!!

Just Jackie

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Easter Craft

Spring has finally arrived !!! It’s been a long winter here in the mountains of Western North Carolina. Just this last week the trees have started to fill out and flowers bloom.

Easter is this coming weekend. I don’t do a lot of crafting for this holiday because I prefer the religious aspect not the commercial. But once in a while I see something that catches my eye and I make it.

I’ve made dozens of these pens in the last few weeks. I love them.019There are so easy to make. I just took scraps in appropriate colors, a pen (I used Bic because I know they will last for a long time) hot glue and a little ribbon.

012The top is doubled over and hand basted along the open end. I then gathered it together and tacked the ends together. Next I cut the fold open and then did cuts about 1/4 all across.


018Wrap the pen all the way up with the bottom fabric, gluing as you go. Slide the top up, tack it with a little glue and then wrap bottom fabric around the rough edges. Add on a bow for cuteness.

014This a  great way to use up some of those scraps you have.

Just Jackie

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Quilting is really popular in this neck of the woods. I’ve done several shows featuring some of the artists. I’m not a quilter, I don’t have the patience. (I need instant results) But I really appreciate those who do quilt.

Bless My Stitches in Murphy NC has been my “go to” shop. Not only do they have a great assortment of fabric but they have a wide variety of patterns and classes.

Last October BMS moved to a new location. In doing so, they were able to incorporate Back Porch Quilters into the space. I dropped by last week and got to visit with Russ and Rhonda. (Sorry I missed Karen) The new space works so well for both businesses.

001 002 003An added feature is that you can actually rent time on a long arm machine.

There is so much more space for fabric and classes now.

007 008 009The new shop is located at 498 Hill St., Murphy, NC. You can find them on Facebook, too. You can watch videos both of Karen and Russ here on Carolina Crafting.

Just Jackie

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Snowed In

Just like most the country, I’m snowed in. Having grown up in Florida, this is still fun. I’m sure, one day, I will get tired of it but for now I just love the way the world looks when it sparkly white. We had a flock of beautiful turkeys come thru yesterday and this morning four deer were playing out in the yard.

When I get snowed in all I want to do is cook. (I should be crafting) This week I started with hot cider mix. I make up a 2 quart container and then just heat as I need it.

001The house smells wonderful as it simmers.

Next I made a batch of chili and some meat loaf and a pot of navy bean soup.. Then I hit Pinterest for recipes for the package of chicken thighs I had. I found a honey BBQ one that rocked.

002We have enough food for the rest of the week, I love not having to cook every night.

The only down side has been our well pump going out. Not having water is hard but not as hard as being without power. Some folks are not as lucky.

Still loving winter !!!!!!


Just Jackie



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Cabin Fever, 2014

Just like the rest of the country, western North Carolina has been cold and snowy. I grew up in Florida so I have no idea how to drive on ice and snow. (and too old to learn) So I have been stuck at home for a while now.

I have a little “garden” in my kitchen where I keep my planter boxes in the winter. Right now all I have are a couple of tomato plants and some catnip. I’ve harvested quite a bit of catnip this winter.

018I saw my first seed catalog this week and it got me thinking about Spring and what I wanted to plant this year. It’s too early to start but not too early to start working on plant markers.

I usually make them out of slices of oak with a sapling stem. Last year I made and sold around 100.

002This year I want to try something different. I used the same sapling but cut out a notch.

020I got out my wood burning tool and a little bling and went to work.

022I need a little practice but I like the results.

Hoping for an early Spring

Just Jackie

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What Are They Up to Now

The only show I did not host was Pat Siler’s pottery show. (September, 21, 2009) I have been a fan of Pat’s work for years and was lucky enough to carry her line in my craft shop while I was in Brasstown NC.  Pat and her husband, Ed, had been doing craft shows all over the Western North Carolina-North Georgia area for years. Two years ago they added a cute little shop in Foster’s Trading Post (100 Blairsville Hwy. Murphy, NC)  sales were good from the start and they cut back on craft shows the first year. Last year they only did a couple and this coming year they will not be doing any shows. The demand has been high for their quality pottery.


Pat has several sites on Etsy where she sells her pottery plus vintage items and kitchen items. (www.backcreekclay.etsy.com, www.smokeymountainvintage.etsy.com, and www.smokeymountainkitchen.etsy.com ) Her pound cake recipe is to die for.

To check out all of the pottery go to www.backcreekclay.com. All of the pottery is dishwasher and microwave safe. My favorite piece is the corn bread pan !!!

When you are in Murphy, NC drop by Foster’s and visit with Pat and Ed. Maybe take home some of their wonderful pottery. (don’t forget to watch the podcast, too)

IMG_20140125_114224_718Just Jackie


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Little Blessings

Right before Christmas I started carrying a line of small watercolor cards/magnets. I love the simplicity of these cards. Toni Kender is the artist and her story is so heart warming. This is her story:

Little blessings from the heart was born after my daughter Alison passed away (Feb.2013).  She and I used to take watercolor classes together, it was so much fun and she had a talent for it.  As I started to paint again it became a way for me to heal after her passing. The heart symbolizes not only my love for watercolor painting, but is a tribute to my daughter who had the biggest heart ever.  My… inspirations come from various forms, love of the outdoors, holidays and whimsical little characters. In starting this I also wanted to be able to give you something other than just a card to send to someone.  I wanted them to be able to “save” the artwork from the card.  Each card comes with a removable print made from an original watercolor painting that can  be inserted into the enclosed magnetic photo pocket.
008 009These are a few from her Valentine collection. You can find her cards at my shop at Foster’s Trading Post in Murphy, NC, Stecoah Valley Center in Stecoah, NC, Artist Creations in Blairsville, GA. Greystone Gallery and Gifts in Mooresville, NC and Owl Eyes On You in Medina, Ohio. She has a shop on Etsy (littleblessings347) and on Facebook (littleblessings) or email her at littleblessings347@gmail.com.
I look forward to seeing what’s next in her collections (esp. the hedgehogs) Toni’s spirit is so great, you can’t helped being touched by just knowing her.
Just Jackie


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As usual I’m running late on my New Year’s resolutions. I plan on posting more often. I don’t have ready access to a cameraman anymore so I’ve decided just to post with photos. I want to do a “What are they doing now” and revisit some of the crafters I’ve featured in past posts.

I am adding a web site where you can purchase items from Carolina Crafting.

Since I’ve moved from Brasstown, NC to Foster’s Trading Post in Murphy, NC  I’ve been able to expand my food lines. Most my products are from North Carolina and are very tasty. I love my new shop and all the new folks I have met.

Hope you all have a great year. Thanks for reading my blog.

Just Jackie

004 005

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When I blog I never know who reads what I wrote. I know that there are many blogs I read that I never leave a comment so they have no idea I was even there. But once in awhile I get to meet someone who actually has watched my videos and read my blog (when I do write something)


This week I was lucky enough to meet Patti Tappel from Missouri. She was in town to attend classes at the John C. Campbell Folk School. I have been reading her blog www.osagebluffquilter.blogspot.com for years so when I saw her I recognized her right away. I felt like I had been her friend forever. Yesterday we had a great adventure. We were going to hit all the thrift stores in town but I had a chance to see an old dance hall on top of a mountain. Well, if you’ve ever been in this part of NC you know about our one-lane, drop off one side roads. We were doing OK until I stopped on wet leaves to shift into low and got stuck. I could not go forward and it was hard to back down to pavement because of the curves. Patti got out of the truck and walked up and so did I !!!! Thank goodness we were following someone up there and he came back and got the truck up the mountain. What a hoot. Once we got up there the view was just incredible. The dance hall needs a lot of work but could become something special with a little love (and money)

004After our heart stopping adventure we did mange to visit 4 thrift stores, two craft shops and eat Mexican food. It was a great day.

Just Jackie





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Crafting Frenzy

Craft supplies are flying everywhere this morning. I have four projects going. All winter I have sat around in a funk, not crafting anything. woke up this morning full of ideas and some ambition.

003I’m working on plant pokes, catnip pillows, buttons and coffee mugs. Lets see how much of this I get done today.

Just Jackie


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